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09:58pm 29/11/2002
mood: disappointed
whats up guys - im so bored so im doin a survey .....

. name = allie
. birthday = o2.23.89
. piercings = ears
. tattoos = naah
. height = 5'1" <-- oh yeaa baby [im growing] lol
. shoe size = 7 1/2
. hair color = brown with blonde and red highlights
. length = a lil past shoulders
. siblings = only one brother
. pets = 1 dog and 1 cat

. movie you rented = i am sam + a walk to remember
. movie you bought = ahh geez i have no idea
. song you listened to = the whole christina agularia cd !! ; i love it <33
. song that was stuck in your head = family portrat by pink
. song you've downloaded = i dont remeber
. cd you bought = christina agulaia : okay i have no idea how you spell her name ;\ lol + justin timberlake
. cd you listened to = christina agulara
. person you've called =lauren
. person that's called you = lauren
. movie you've watched = mr. deeds
. person you were thinking of = the person i hate

. you have a bf or gf = nope :\
. you have a crush on someone = yeaa`
. you wish you could live somewhere else = yeah! anywhere but here !!
. you think about suicide = never !
. you believe in online dating = nope
. others find you attractive = lol i don't kno?
. you want more piercings = yess` [belly button]
. you want more tattoos = yah .. one ! [shh]
. you drink = uh no
. you do drugs = nooo
. you smoke = no
. you like cleaning = no ;x
. you like roller coasters = yes!!!!
. you write in cursive or print = both : hehe
. you carry a donor card = no lol

for or against
. long distance relationships = against : well i tink haha
. using someone = against! :\
. suicide = against.
. killing people = geez..against
. teenage smoking = against !!!
. doing drugs = against !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
. premarital sex = well..
. driving drunk = against !!
. gay/lesbian relationships = against !
. soap operas = all for it .. lol !

. food = my mamma pasta <-- haha rach ! ; and candy !!!!!
. song = anything on the c. agulara cd + heaven + well alotta songs
. thing to do = friends.movies.vball
. thing to talk about = bOys ;p
. sports = vball.sball.i like to watch football + soccer !
. drinks = dr pepper + red fusion
. clothes = abercrombie.ae.anything ;D
. movies = a walk to remember + 8 mile
. band = nicks band : haha
. holiday = christmas + birthdays :)
. cars = a n y t h i n g !!!! - i just wanna drive !

have you..
. ever cried over a boy = yea ;\
. ever lied to someone = eh, yea..
. ever been in a fist fight = nope
. ever been arrested = nah

. shampoo do you use = heral essences !! ;p .. yes yes yes .. haha
. perfume do you use = the one i sparyed all over emily
. shoes do you wear = flip flOps!
. are you scared of = kayla :rach + eryn !! ahh .. and anything that crawls that isnt human lol

. of times I have been in love? = well. maybe once
. of times I have had my heart broken? = once
. of hearts I have broken? = dont kno. ;/
. of men I've slept with? = 0
. of continents I have lived in? = 1
. of drugs taken illegally? = 0
. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friend? = 8
. of people I consider my enemies? = satan .. lol
. of cd's that I own? = toO many.
. of things in my past that I regret? = alOt !

thanx guys i love you so much + leave a comment !!!! okay i love you lauren !!!!! <333333333

allie ;p
3 merry xmas* ho ho ho*
hey hunni !@#$%^&*   
05:36pm 23/10/2002
mood: cranky
hey omgosh i havent updated in like forever! today was a bad day :\\ - but hey i got to be with blake all day which made it better [gosh hes so hott] hes my new boyfriend ; lol ~ i hugged him and everything hehe ; im sucha geek! but i started screaming at everyone i wen like crazy and im not even on my monthly lol well gtg plzz leave a comment <333
i love someone shhh
<33 [ iLy ]
1 merry xmas* ho ho ho*
my week !@#$%^*   
06:43pm 29/09/2002
mood: blah
omgosh are trip was soo much funn! - it seriousl was a blast! ; but i missed some of my friends like rachelle anna and dru ;\ - like everynight we went swimming with the guys and played football and we stayed up every night and aunt debbie was so sweet! - lol like everybody hooked up! nick and ky <33 jon and blakely <33 and jordan and rach <333 ! aWw - the hotel we were at was 90% chinese and we were the other 10% american seriously we were the only other americans there -lol i also became friends with alot ppl i never used to talk to and there all so cool to hang out with! - mr. wilson was cool and let us pretty much do what we wanted! -lol =D i just heard some news i soo didnt want to hear but i dont know if its true ; but whatever . right! - lol oh and on the plane me frankie and emi were singing are disco as loud as we could lol and the guy in frount of us wore his head phones really weird hahaha hahaha hhaha hhaha hhah it was the funnyest thing i had ever seen!!! we were laughing for at least 20 mins. lol!! and to top it of he was bald with a ponytail in the back haha and moles all over his eyes! really weird!! hahha ; and me and emi took a 3 hour bath the last night with are goggles lol and then we both took a shower together!! haha its was sooo much funn and there were a mil. thingys i for got!!! - i just wanna tell tarra that i love her so much and you can always come to me hunni!!! bFfL !!!
:allie *`~
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can ya make me an icon ?!   
04:38pm 18/09/2002
mood: blah
hey guys well i really need an icon ~ if ya can make me one will you please give me a comment! =)
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hey guys !@#$%^&*   
02:07pm 16/09/2002
mood: chipper
whats up>?! - omgosh my weekend was jam packed!! -lol friday we had a sleep over at frankies omgosh it was so much fuNn funN!! [me emily anna frankie + dru] ahh good times -lol like suck and blow and the hot tube! =) and the pool [omgosh i was scared anna]!!! - haha!> and sat i had sball and vball and then my mom took me shopping wow and she bought me alot =))!!! at american eagle ;] - go mamma and then on sund. i had a sball tourn. we came in 3rd. but thats pretty good..right?! -lol and today [mon.] my mom took me outta school early! =) i love her lol!!! -and we ate food and i watched cant hardly wait well i hope you guys leave me a comment!! i love you!!! ~ allie
leave a comment! =)
1 merry xmas* ho ho ho*