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hey guys !@#$%^&*

whats up>?! - omgosh my weekend was jam packed!! -lol friday we had a sleep over at frankies omgosh it was so much fuNn funN!! [me emily anna frankie + dru] ahh good times -lol like suck and blow and the hot tube! =) and the pool [omgosh i was scared anna]!!! - haha!> and sat i had sball and vball and then my mom took me shopping wow and she bought me alot =))!!! at american eagle ;] - go mamma and then on sund. i had a sball tourn. we came in 3rd. but thats pretty good..right?! -lol and today [mon.] my mom took me outta school early! =) i love her lol!!! -and we ate food and i watched cant hardly wait well i hope you guys leave me a comment!! i love you!!! ~ allie
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